Photo Database

The MITHP Photo Database in an ongoing project. We continue to upload new content and update photo descriptions as new photos and information about the photos becomes available. Check back regularly for new content!

The MITHP Photo Database is a searchable database of historical photographs from Manitoba tuberculosis sanatoriums and Indian hospitals, and northern communities served by fly-in TB medical staff from the 1940s through to the 1990s including Tadoule Lake, Shammattawa, York Landing, Pukatawagan, and Cross Lake. We have gathered these photos from archives across Canada, from private collections, and from historical publications. Many of these photos have never before been made available to the public.

After careful consideration of issues related to privacy and health and with the advice of our Indigenous Advisory Committee, we make these photos publicly accessible because they are important records of what is still a 'hidden history' of Indigenous health in Manitoba. We acknowledge that the images of some patients in these photos were captured without their consent, and some are depicted in vulnerable situations. If you are featured in one of the photos on this website and have concerns, please contact us at

You can learn more about the archives and collections the photos are sourced from here: Where Do the Photos Come From?

MITHP Research Director Dr. Erin Millions explains how the Photo Database project came about and how the Covid pandemic shifted the MITHP approach to community engagement

Most of the First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis individuals in the photos are not named, nor are the dates or locations/hospitals known for many of the images. Our goal is to help build knowledge of Indigenous TB history by identifying the people and places in the images. We do this by collaborating with families and community through social media, the online database, and in-person workshops and community events. The MITHP photo database is a collaborative, community-based effort to document and share stories about the people, places, and situations depicted in the photos.

We encourage you to leave a comment if you can identify people or places in the photos or provide information about an individual photo that helps us to better understand Indigenous experiences of TB. Community contributions will be added to the archival record and shared with community members, researchers, and the public. Just click on the 'Leave a Comment' button at the bottom of the page under each photo.

If you or a family member appears in one of the photos or are a family member of someone in a photo and would like a copy, please email Include the reference # in your message. For a digital copy, email and include the photo ID number in your email (eg. MBLung-01-01-001 or GN 01-01-001 or LAC RE-12345).

If your image or personal information appears on this website and you would like to request a review of that information, you can find our Take Down Request Instructions here.