Brookside Cemetery Announced a National Historical Site

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On Thursday the 9th of November 2023, the City of Winnipeg announced that Brookside Cemetery has been named a National Historic Site because it “reflects the history of the people of Winnipeg. … It is the final resting place of decorated war heroes, politicians, athletes, and people from all walks of life,” and it is “a perpetual record of yesteryear and a sanctuary of peace and quiet.”

The City’s announcement offers an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the fact that some of those “people from all walks of life” almost certainly include Indigenous people who passed away far from their homes and families after being sent to Winnipeg for medical treatment. Others may have been in Winnipeg for rehabilitation or training. Some may have stayed on in Winnipeg after being released from a medical facility or completing their education.

Families and communities looking for missing loved ones may want to consult the City of Winnipeg’s cemetery database or contact the City to ask for help if they think that a loved one may be buried at Brookside or in the St. Vital Cemetery.